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Performing Incremental Copies

Incremental settings

Newer versions of Copilot BOSS include the incremental copy feature. It is enabled by default and can be managed in Settings > SD/USB copies.

 If the setting is not available for you, make certain to update Copilot BOSS to the most recent version.

Incremental and full copies

Incremental only copies new content added to previously ingested SD cards and USB storage devices. However, a full copy includes all files each time you connect your SD cards and USB storage devices. You can save storage space, battery life, and time with incremental copies.

The first time an SD card or USB storage device is connected to DJI Copilot, the copy is performed in full. With incremental enabled, subsequent copies only include new files added to the applicable storage device. When viewing your copied files in DJI Copilot > Backups, folder names indicate if the copy is full or incremental.

Backup typeSample folder name
Full 20190401_1120_Garmin_VirbUltra30_878555
Incremental 20190401_1120_Garmin_VirbUltra30_878555_updates

Deleting backup folders and incremental copies

You may receive a specific warning message if you’ve deleted full and/or incremental folders of a previously ingested SD card or USB storage device. The warning message lets you know that there are no new files on the device and asks if you want to perform a full copy. You might expect that a full copy would automatically run since the files have been deleted. However, since Copilot BOSS recognizes devices that have been previously ingested, it only searches for new files when the incremental copy option is enabled. Initiating a full copy helps to reestablish the content on the storage device so that future ingests only include new files.