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Easy Copy

DJI Copilot lets you easily copy files from an SD card or USB-connected device using just the action button.

 Easy copy only supports devices that use common transfer protocols: Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), and mass storage. Devices using proprietary transfer protocols have not been tested.


  1. Insert an SD card or connect a device (for example, storage, drone, or camera) to the USB port on DJI Copilot.

  1. Press the action button to display DJI Copilot’s status, and then press the action button again (within 10 seconds) to have DJI Copilot search the SD and USB ports.

It can take up to 20 seconds to detect and scan an SD card or connected device.

  1. DJI Copilot prompts you to confirm or cancel the copy. Press the action button—use a short push (1 second) to confirm, or a long push (3 seconds) to cancel.

  1. Once confirmed, DJI Copilot copies all files. The LCD displays the status of the copy.

  1. Operation in progress - please wait
  2. Reading
  3. Long push (3 seconds) to cancel
  4. Copying
  5. Complete
  6. Short push (1 second) to confirm
  1. Once Easy copy is complete, remove the SD card or disconnect the USB device. DJI Copilot always prompts you to Easy copy any card or device it detects.
 An Easy copy always copies everything on the storage device, also referred to as a full copy. Easy copy does not allow for incremental copies.

Canceling an Easy copy

The X icon on the LCD indicates that you can cancel an operation with the action button on DJI Copilot.

Press and hold the action button on DJI Copilot for 3 seconds to cancel a copy.

Queuing ports for Easy copy

If DJI Copilot scans the ports and detects both an SD card and a USB-connected device at the same time, you can queue both ports for Easy copy.

  1. Press the action button to confirm or cancel the Easy copy for the highlighted port. Use a short push (1 second) to confirm, or a long push (3 seconds) to cancel.

  1. Confirm or cancel the Easy copy from the second port.
 Ports can be queued when both an SD card and a USB-connected device are detected at the same time. However, if DJI Copilot is currently performing an Easy copy and then discovers a new card or device, it can’t create a queue.

Easy copy data naming conventions

During an Easy copy, DJI Copilot creates folders using the following naming convention:


These folders are stored in the Backups folder on the root of the DJI Copilot.

MM Month
DD Day
HH Hour (24-hour clock)
MM Minutes
UUID Universally unique identifier designating the device from which the files were copied
N Session number

Take for example the following directory:


DJI Copilot would have created this directory on October 1, 2018, at 1:06pm. The source of the content was a device with a UUID of XFGT6G. This was the first upload of content from this device on this day.