LaCie RAID Manager for 2-Bay Devices User Manual
LaCie RAID Manager for 2-Bay Devices User Manual

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Device and App Management

Device settings

Click the Device settings tab in the sidebar to view details and settings related to the currently selected device.

Change device name

To change the name of your device:

  1. Click on the Edit icon next to the device name.
  2. Enter a new name in the edit field (up to 19 characters in length).
  3. Press Enter.

View device details

Click Device details to see information related to your hardware.

Vendor version  
Vendor ID  
Subvendor ID  
Subdevice ID  
Port count  
Supported RAID  
Max disks / Device  
Serial Number  

Register your device

Click Register your device to go to the LaCie Product Registration page. An internet connection is required.

App settings

Click the App settings tab in the sidebar to change LaCie RAID Manager settings.

Change language settings

Use the Language drop-down menu to select a language setting.

Send usage information

When Send usage information is enabled, LaCie RAID Manager is permitted to send anonymous usage data to help LaCie improve your user experience.

Change auto start setting

When Auto start is enabled (default setting), LaCie RAID Manager starts automatically after you sign into your computer. When disabled, you must start LaCie RAID Manager manuallly.

View app version

The installed version of LaCie RAID Manager is listed on the app page.


Click the Notifications tab in the sidebar to view device events, download the event log, and set up email alerts.

Download log

Click Download log to save a .log file to your computer containing a list of events related to your device.

Clear notification entries

Click Clear All to clear the list of notifications.

Change email settings

LaCie RAID Manager can send you email updates on the health and status of your device. Your computer must have internet access and LaCie RAID Manager must be open in order to send you email notifications.

To change email settings:

  1. Click Email settings.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Select the types of content you want notifications for.
  4. Click Save.

Custom server

By default, emails are sent from LaCie’s server. You can configure email notifications to be routed through a custom server instead. A basic understanding of servers and networking is required.

  1. Click Email settings.
  2. Click the Email server drop-down list and choose Custom.
  3. Complete all fields.
  4. Click Save.


Click the Updates tab in the sidebar to view the installed versions of:

  • System firmware
  • LaCie RAID Manager

Check for updates

To have LaCie RAID Manager check for updates, click Check now. Your computer must have access to the internet to check for updates.

Use system proxy settings

LaCie RAID Manager searches for updates using your PC or Mac’s internet connection. If your computer uses a proxy server for internet connection, make certain to enable Use system proxy settings.

Recent notifications

Click the Bell icon in the header bar to view a list of recent events.

Click View all notifications to go to the Notifications page.