LaCie RAID Manager for 2-Bay Devices User Manual
LaCie RAID Manager for 2-Bay Devices User Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

RAID levels

Why doesn't LaCie RAID Manager support JBOD ("just a bunch of disks") as a RAID level for Rugged RAID Shuttle?

Rugged RAID Shuttle uses Seagate Secure encryption, which does not support a JBOD configuration.

RAID initialization and other operations

Can I disconnect my computer during RAID synchronization or initialization?

Yes. Synchronization and initialization continue uninterrupted when the computer disconnects from the LaCie device. Similarly, your LaCie device can be placed into low power mode or powered off during synchronization and initialization. Provided the same hard drives are in the enclosure, the operation continues once the device is powered on.

Initialization has been running for days. Has initialization become stuck?

With higher capacity storage, initialization can take many days and, in some cases, well over a week. This is especially true of background initializations. You can check Device settings in LaCie RAID Manager to see if the processing for initialization has been moved to Low. Reducing the processing allotted to initialization can slow down initialization while helping to improve performance. To speed up initialization, move the slider to High. The device’s performance can be negatively affected when the slider is set to High.

Can I perform more than one operation at a time, for example, run a disk check while an initialization is in progress?

Only one operation can be performed at a time. Therefore, you can run an initialization and then a disk check but not at the same time. The same is true for a consistency check and an array upgrade.