LaCie 2big Dock  User Manual
LaCie 2big Dock  User Manual

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Use Toolkit to Set Up RAID, Import Files, and More

Toolkit provides useful tools that let you quickly set up RAID, import files from memory cards and USB devices, and more.

Set up a RAID array

A RAID array is a combination of two or more physical disks that are presented to the operating system as a single volume. A RAID array can optimize your storage device for performance (faster file copying) or protection (to guard against data loss). The Toolkit RAID setup wizard can guide you through choosing the right array for your storage needs.

Click here for details on RAID setups.

Automated file imports

Toolkit lets you effortlessly import files from memory cards inserted in 2big Dock's integrated card readers or from USB storage devices connected to hub port.

Click here for details on importing files.

LED controls

Use Toolkit to control the dim setting for 2big Dock's LED.

Click here for details on LED controls.