Toolkit User Manual
Toolkit User Manual

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Import lets you quickly import files from Secure Digital (SD) and microSD memory cards to compatible Seagate and LaCie storage solutions with integrated card readers. Simply insert a memory card and Toolkit automatically copies your files to your device—no need to open folders and drag files.

Unlike other features in Toolkit, Import is not available as an activity on the home page. Instructions are available in this section to access Import.

Supported devicesProduct support pageUser manual
LaCie 1big Dock Product Documentation
LaCie 1big Dock SSD Pro Product Documentation
LaCie Rugged RAID Pro Product Documentation
Seagate DJI Fly Drive Product Documentation

Install Import

Your computer must be connected to the internet to install Import.

To install Import:

  1. Connect your supported Seagate or LaCie device to your computer. Make certain to follow the instructions in your device’s user manual.
  2. Open Toolkit. Toolkit automatically detects the supported device and adds Import to Toolkit.
  3. Insert an SD or microSD memory card containing files into your device’s card reader. Toolkit asks you whether you want to automatically import the content of inserted cards to your storage drive.
  4. Click Import to confirm that you want Toolkit to automatically copy content from a memory card to your drive whenever Toolkit detects that a card has been inserted. If you prefer to activate Import at a later time, click Skip.

When Import is activated, Toolkit will automatically copy content from the memory card to your device’s storage.

Toolkit creates the following folders for all of your imports: DriveName > Toolkit > Import. During an import, Toolkit adds a uniquely named folder containing the imported files. The following naming convention is used:


MM Month
DD Day
HH Hour (24-hour clock)
MM Minutes
SS Seconds
CardName The name of your memory card

When Import is activated, Toolkit initiates an automated import whenever it detects that a card has been inserted in the device, regardless of whether the files are duplicates of content in a previous import folder. For example, it’s possible to create import folders containing duplicate files if you:

  • Eject the memory card, remove the card from the device, and then reinsert the card.
  • Eject the drive and then reconnect the device while the memory card is still inserted.
  • Restart your computer while the device is connected and the memory card is inserted.
  • Quit Toolkit and restart the app while the device is connected and the memory card is inserted.

Activate/deactivate Import

To activate or deactivate the automated Import:

  1. Open Toolkit.
  2. Click on the More icon and select Settings.
  3. Click on the Import switch.

Frequently Asked Questions for Import

Q: Does Import delete the content on my memory card after it has finished importing content to my drive?

A: No. Files are not removed from the memory card while importing.

Q: Can I use Import with an external card reader?

A: No. Import is designed for use with select Seagate and LaCie devices featuring integrated card readers. See Supported devices above.