LaCie 1big Dock User Manual
LaCie 1big Dock User Manual

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System LEDs

LaCie 1big Dock LEDs provide information on the system status.

LED locations

  1. Front—System status
  2. Side—Hard drive status

LED behavior

The list of colors below helps you identify the general status of your LaCie 2big Dock.

Color State
Solid blue Ready
Blinking blue Activity
Slow blinking blue
(10 second interval)
Fast blinking blue Startup and shutdown
Blinking red
(1 second interval)
Warning temperature or fan failure
Solid red Critical temperature or absent fan
  Technical note regarding power-saving mode and Windows: The device can be placed into power-saving mode on PCs. However, it is possible that the LED will remain off rather than flash blue every 10 seconds.