LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle User Manual
LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle User Manual

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Activity and Low Power LEDs

Activity LED behavior

The activity LED indicates the status of Rugged RAID Shuttle.

On The device is ready.
Blinking The device is being accessed.
Fast blinking A drive is not ready.
Off Device inactive because it’s turned off or in power-saving mode.

Contact LaCie technical support if:

  • Activity LED remains off while the device is connected to a power supply and to your computer. Confirm that Rugged RAID Shuttle is not in power-saving mode before contacting LaCie technical support.

Low power LED behavior

Rugged RAID Shuttle is designed to operate using power from the USB connection to your computer. If the connection isn’t delivering enough power for Rugged RAID Shuttle to operate, the low power LED behind the protective casing blinks.

If the low power LED light is blinking, connect the power cable to Rugged RAID Shuttle and then connect the power supply to a live power outlet.

Power-saving mode

Your Rugged RAID Shuttle can conserve energy by entering power-saving mode. Managed by your computer, power-saving mode can extend the life of the hard drives by sparing them from working during extended periods of inactivity.

Operating system

You can initiate power-saving mode on your computer by performing one of the following:

  • Placing the host computer in sleep mode.
  • macOS—Go to System Preferences > Energy Saver to enable sleep mode for hard drives.
  • Windows—Go to Control Panel > Hardware > Power Options > Choose a power plan > Change advanced power settings. Click on Hard disk and Turn off the hard disk after. Choose the time to spin down USB hard drives.

To exit power-saving mode, review the table below:

Entering power-saving modeExiting power-saving mode

The host computer placed the product into power-saving mode due to inactivity.

Access the Rugged RAID Shuttle volume on the host computer. For example, copy files to the volume.

The computer is in sleep mode.

Wake up the computer.

 Note on ejecting the volume and power-saving mode—Rugged RAID Shuttle enters power-saving mode when its volume is ejected and the device remains connected to the computer. To access Rugged RAID Shuttle's volume, unplug the interface cable from the computer and then reconnect it.