RikikiTV Compatibility

The RikikiTV is compatible with most TVs featuring USB recording. Often the easiest way to find out if your TV supports USB recording is to check if your TV remote control has a RECORD button, though many compatible smart TVs have special remote controls without a record button. To check your TV's compatibility with RikikiTV, check the compatibility list below. If your device is not listed, please check your device's user manual and check for USB mass storage hard drive support. If your device is unlisted and is compatible with your device, please notify LaCie at tvlist@lacie.com.

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Category Brand Model Record* Playback**
TVAcerATxx58MWL Series11
TV Set Top BoxCGVE-Sat HD-W (Fransat)11
TV Set Top BoxCGVEtimo 2T11
TV Set Top BoxCGVPremio HD-W311
TV Set Top BoxCGVPremio SAT HD-W (TNTSAT HD)11
TV Set Top BoxCGVPremio ST311
TV Set Top BoxCGVPremio ST511
TV Set Top BoxCybestCF 200 HD11
TV Set Top BoxFrance - Canal++ LE CUBE11
TV Set Top BoxFrance - Canal+Dual-S11
TV Set Top BoxFrance - Canal+Mediasat Max11
Internet IP TV BoxFRANCE - FreeFreebox HD1A1
Internet IP TV BoxFRANCE - SFRDécodeur TV HD1A1
TVEssentialBMinéo 21.5'11
TVEssentialBAmorio 15'11
TVEssentialBLuméo 21.5'11
TVEssentialBMélia 26'11
TVEssentialBRozzano 23'11
TVGrandinLCVxxR Series11
TVGrandinLCxxR Series11
TVGrandinLDxxVR Series11
TVGrundigxxFLE9170SH Series11
TVGrundigxxFLE9170SL Series11
TVGrundigxxVLC7121C Series11
TVGrundigxxVLC7121C Series11
TVGrundigxxVLC9140S Series11
TVGrundigxxVLC9220 Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE2012EC Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE6142C Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE7100BF Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE7130BF Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE7229BF Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8100BG Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8120BG Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8120WG Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8130BG Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8130BH Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8130CF Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8139WH Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8160BH Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8160BL Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8160SL Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8160WL Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8220 Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8220WF Series11
TVGrundigxxVLE8270BH Series11
TVHaierLETxxC400 Series11
TVHaierLETxxC400F Series11
TVHaierLETxxC430F Series11
TVHaierLETxxC470HF Series11
TVHaierLETxxC550HF Series11
TVHaierLETxxC600 Series11
TVHaierLETxxD10H Series11
TVHaierLETxxT1000H Series11
TVHaierLETxxT1000HF Series11
TVHaierLETxxZ18HF Series11
TVHaierLETxxZ6 Series11
TVHaierLTFxxZ6 Series11
TVHaierLTxxZ6 Series11
TVHaierLYFxxZ6 Series11
TVHaierLYxxZ6 Series11
Media PlayerLaCieLaCinema Classic HD-
Media PlayerLaCieLaCinema Classic HD Bridge-
Media PlayerLaCieLaCinema Mini HD-
Media PlayerLaCieLaCinema Mini HD Bridge-
Media PlayerLaCieLaCinema Mini HD Connect-
Media PlayerLaCieLaCinema PlayHD-
BluRay PlayerLGHLB54S-1
TVLGxxLM620 Series11
TVLGxxLM620S Series11
TVLGxxLM640 Series11
TVLGxxLM645 Series11
TVLGxxLM660 Series11
TVLGxxLM660S Series11
TVLGxxLM669 Series11
TVLGxxLM670 Series11
TVLGxxLM760 Series11
TVLGxxLM860 Series11
TVLGxxLM860V Series11
TVLGxxLM950V Series11
TVLGxxLM960 Series11
TVLGxxLM960 Series11
TVLGxxLS350S Series11
TVLGxxLS570S Series11
TVLGxxLV5590 Series11
TVLGxxLV579 Series11
TVLGxxLW5590 Series1
TVLGxxLW579 Series1
TVLGxxLW659 Series1
TVLGxxLW980 Series1
TVLoeweArt xx 3D Series11
TVLoeweArt xx 3D DR+ Series11
TVLoeweArt xx LED Series11
TVLoeweArt xx LED DR+ Series11
TVLoeweConnect ID xx Series11
TVLoeweConnect ID xx DR+ Series11
TVLoeweConnect xx SL Series11
TVLoeweConnect xx 3D Series11
TVLoeweConnect xx 3D DR+ Series11
TVLoeweIndividual xx Compose 3D Series11
TVLoeweXelos xx Series11
TVListoxxLCDUSB-654 Series11
TV Set Top BoxMetronicZapbox EH-D111
TV Set Top BoxMetronicZapbox EH-M111
TV Set Top BoxMetronicZapbox EH-M211
TV Set Top BoxMetronicZapbox EH-M511
TVPanasonicTX-LFxxE30 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-LxxDT50 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-LxxE30 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-LxxET50 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-LxxETW5 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-LxxWT50 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxG20 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxG30 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxGT20 Series1
TVPanasonicTX-PxxGT30 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxGT50 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxST50 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxSTW50 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxV20 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxVT20 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxVT30 Series11
TVPanasonicTX-PxxVT50 Series11
TVPEAQPTVxx1100-B Series11
TVPEAQPTVxx1203-B Series11
TV Set Top BoxPeektonPK 1650 TNT11
TV Set Top BoxPeektonPK 1860 HD REC11
TV Set Top BoxPeektonPK 1870 HD REC11
TVPhilipsxxPDL79x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL40x7 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL50x7 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL55x7 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL58x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL60x7 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL66x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL74x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL76x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL79x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL86x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL80x7 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL87x0 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL96x6 Series11
TVPhilipsxxPFL99x6 Series11
TV Set Top BoxSagemDT 570PB11
TV Set Top BoxSagemTWIN 650T11
BluRay PlayerSamsungBD-D7500-1
TVSamsungC9000 Series11
TVSamsungD6100 Series1
TVSamsungD6500 Series1
TVSamsungD6700 Series1
TVSamsungD7000 Series1
TVSamsungD8000 Series1
BluRay PlayerSamsungHT-D7100-1
TVSamsungLExxC750 Series1
TVSamsungPSxxE6500 Series1
TVSamsungUExxC8000X Series11
TVSamsungUExxC9000 Series11
TVSamsungUExxD6100 Series1
TVSamsungUExxD6500 Series1
TVSamsungUExxD6700 Series1
TVSamsungUExxD7000 Series1
TVSamsungUExxD8000 Series1
TVSamsungUExxES5500 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES5700 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES5800 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6100 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6300 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6340 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6530 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6540 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6710 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6800 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6890 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES6990 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES7090 Series11
TVSamsungUExxES8090 Series11
TV Set Top BoxSedeaS540011
TV Set Top BoxSedeaS6600 HD11
TVSharpLC-xxDV510 Series11
TVSharpLC-xxLE210 Series11
TVSharpLC-xxLE510 Series11
TVSharpLC-xxLE511 Series11
TVSharpLC-xxLE530 Series11
TVSharpLC-xxLE730 Series11
TVSharpLC-xxLE740E Series11
TVSharpLC-xxLE840E Series11
TVSharpLC-xxSH130 Series11
TVSharpLC-xxSH340 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxCX520 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxCX523 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX320 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX521 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX524 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX550 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX555 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX650 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX655 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX720 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX723 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX724 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxEX725 Series1
TVSonyKDL-xxEX750 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxHX750 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxHX755 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxHX823 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxHX850 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxHX923 Series11
TVSonyKDL-xxNX723 Series11
TVTCLLxxF3300FC Series11
TVTechwoodTKxx12FHDB Series11
TVThomsonxxFS4246C Series11
TVThomsonxxFS5246C Series11
TVThomsonxxFT2253 Series11
TVThomsonxxFT5643 Series11
TVThomsonxxFU5553 Series11
TVThomsonxxFU6663 Series11
TVThomsonxxHS4246C Series11
TVThomsonxxHT4253 Series11
TVThomsonxxHU5253 Series11
TV Set Top BoxTokaiLTN-22011
TV Set Top BoxTokaiLTN-50011
TVToshibaxxRL933F/G Series11
TVToshibaxxRL933G Series11
TVToshibaxxTL933F Series11
TVToshibaxxTL933G Series11
TVToshibaxxUL863B Series11
TVToshibaxxWL863B Series11
TVToshibaxxWL863G Series11

* Supports RECORD. This includes Instant and Schedule Record, Pause, and Replay Live TV unless otherwise specified
** Supports PLAYBACK. This includes playback of multimedia files stored on the RikikiTV. Check your audio/video device's user manual to know which audio/video/picture playback is supported, as file compatibility will depend on your equipment
1 Tested and reported by end user. LaCie will not be liable in any way for the inability of RikikiTV to operate with the listed audio/video equipment
A Cannot schedule/record some TV Channels like M6 TF1 W9 Gulli CANAL+

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