Press Release

LaCie Introduces Comprehensive Color Management for LCDs

January 10, 2005

LaCie introduces a comprehensive calibration and profiling solution for the most demanding graphics professionals: the new LaCie blue eye pro automatic hardware calibration solution specially tuned to work with the LaCie 321 Monitor. Thanks to the monitor’s unique DDC interface, blue eye pro software can adjust settings with a single click, automatically creating and activating an ICC profile that ensures consistent colors throughout the workflow.

“In combination with LaCie’s 321 Monitor, we wanted to provide a display calibration tool that was both practical and effective,” says Daniel Mayer, LaCie Product Manager. “Our new calibration software coupled with the third-generation sensor makes the calibration process precise and simple for both beginning and advanced color management users.”

In addition to hardware calibration LaCie blue eye pro also offers a convenient Calibration Report tool that can inspect and report the current state of the monitor. The user may then decide whether calibration is necessary and avoid the time-consuming process when it is not. In its most advanced form, this tool performs a full characterization of the monitor and compares it with the target settings. The full set of precise measures can be saved for future reference.

LaCie blue eye pro saves exclusive hardware settings that correspond to a user’s chosen colorimetric environment within the ICC Profile it creates. Such advanced ICC Profiles make it possible to switch from one colorimetric environment to another without needing to re-calibrate or even manipulate the colorimeter, while preserving the advantage of a precisely hardware-calibrated monitor.

ICC profiles created with LaCie blue eye pro can be embedded in all the artwork created on the monitor, as well as applied to all incoming work to help ensure that content is presented identically from monitor to monitor. Whether for graphic design, photography or pre-press work, LaCie blue eye pro guarantees the right colors in a single click.