This new high–speed cable technology connects your computers and electronic devices together like never before. Thunderbolt™* technology supports two 10Gb/s or 20Gb/s bi–directional channels from a single port, the fastest data connection available on a personal computer.
  Solid-State Drives (SSD)
A solid-state drive (SSD) stores data just like a hard disk, but it has no moving parts. It works similarly to a memory card in a digital camera or a USB key, but is designed to work as a standalone hard drive.
Serial ATA (SATA) is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA (PATA) physical storage interface, because it offers greater speed, simpler upgradeable storage, easier configuration, and is more cost-effective.
RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - also known as Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a storage method that uses multiple hard drives to share or duplicate data in one device.
Color Management
Color Management Technology ensures that colors are properly reproduced throughout all stages of the creative workflow (capture, display, print) and from one system to any other.
  FireWire 800
The fastest-ever FireWire standard, this technology delivers transfer rates of up to 800Mbits/s for FireWire 800 users - twice as fast as the previous generation of FireWire.
The structure of a Blu-ray (BD) disc fundamentally differs from the structure of a DVD/CD.
  FireWire 400
Developed by Apple under the name FireWire®, IEEE 1394 is now established as an industry standard, much like Sony's i-Link®.
USB 3.0
Ten times faster than USB 2.0 and featuring backwards compatibility and increased power output, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is a dramatic update to the world’s most popular interface standard.
  USB 2.0
Forty times faster than USB 1.1, the new USB 2.0 standard delivers transfer rates of up to 480Mbits/s and provides higher bandwidth necessary for high-speed peripherals.
LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling is a technology that offers consumers and businesses a simple, easy way to burn professional, silkscreen-quality labels onto CDs and DVDs.
  Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet, a local area network (LAN) architecture, uses a bus or star topology and is one of the most widely implemented LAN standards powering the vast majority of local computer networks today.
d2 design
A design solution that combines reliability, productivity and performance, within the needs of IT real-estate constraints.
  Genie Backup
Genie Backup for Windows
Intego Backup
Intego Backup for Mac OS X
  Digital Security
To offset today’s growing arsenal of tools designed for compromising security, LaCie has developed products that include technology that can prevent unwanted data access.
Video Process
This white paper explores general technical requirements for High Definition (HD), film, and video projects.
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  LaCie Professional Servers
We have created a series of easy–to–read Technical Briefs to highlight the key features offered by LaCie professional servers.