Use the LaCie Backup Software to archive your important files on an external hard drive with just one simple click.

LaCie '1-Click' Backup Software

  • The ‘1-Click’ Backup Solution
  • No need to configure confusing functions
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS
  • HDD detection with automatic messages
  • Download software (MAC & PC)
With this software working for you, there is no longer any need to configure complicated and confusing incremental, scheduling, or password securing functions. The user launches the backup from their desktop and can modify default sources, targets and folders. Featuring HDD detection, it even identifies if your hard drive has enough space to save all of the selected files. Great for beginners, home-users and busy professionals, it’s the quick, easy storage solution for everyone.

System Requirements :  Any Mac or PC with one of the following OS: Windows 2000, XP; Mac OS 10.3.9
For Use With These Products :  Supported LaCie Hard Drives
All standard USB, Firewire and SATA hard disks
LaCie Hard Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche
LaCie mini
LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub
LaCie Brick Hard Drive
LaCie d2 Hard Drive Extreme with Triple Interface
LaCie Big Disk Extreme with Triple Interface
LaCie Big Disk USB 2.0
LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme with Triple Interface
LaCie d2 Hard Drive SATA
LaCie USB Key
LaCie Skwarim
LaCie Rugged Hard Drive
LaCie Brick Mobile Hard Drive
LaCie Data Bank
LaCie Mobile Hard Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche
LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive
LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption
LaCie Little Big Disk
LaCie Ethernet Disk mini
LaCie Ethernet Disk
Comments :  This is a freeware; LaCie will not support other product brands or products which are not listed on this page.

Specifications and appearance are given as guidelines and may change without notice.

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User Manual
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