LightScribe Disc Labeling

Welcome to the LaCie LightScribe support webpage. This page provides you with free updates for your LaCie LightScribe applications.

LaCie’s DVD/CD drives are now available with LightScribe - an innovative new technology that allows you to burn silkscreen-quality labels directly onto your DVDs* and CDs* with a laser instead of a printer. LightScribe uses a combination of your DVD/CD drive, specially coated discs, and enhanced disc-burning software to produce precise, professional labels. The result is an impressive iridescent image composed of art, text and photos of your own creation.
*LightScribe media (discs) are required to implement the LightScribe labeling feature.

The drive can also write data to standard CD and DVD discs.

Updating your drive's firmware increases media support (read and write to newly released media). It also resolves random communication errors with the latest LightScribe Host Software.

  • Read the instructions below according to your Macintosh or Windows operating system.
  • Click on the appropriate link. Download will start automatically.


LaCie DVD Update Tool v1.4 for Mac

File download

This firmware also improves audio playback through FireWire interface and LightScribe support.

When do you need to update the firmware?
If you own a d2 or Porsche 16x DVD±RW Drive with LightScribe (double layer) with a "DVDRW8651" IDE mechanism, we advise you to update to firmware LT25 or better.

You can see your drive's inner mechanism type and its firmware by launching the Apple Utility Software "System Profiler" (in your Applications/Utilities folder).

LaCie LightScribe Labeler 1.2 for Mac

File download

New Features
- Universal Binary - Multi-drive LightScribe printing: now you can print the same design on multiple LightScribe CD or DVD at the same time, using several LightScribe drives connected to your Mac
- localized versions in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese
- Minor bugs fixed (more details in the “read me” file)

Important! Please make sure that you update your LightScribe host software LightScribe host software to before installing the LaCie LightScribe Labeler 1.2 Updater or Installer
Minimum system requirement: Mac OS 10.3.9.
For more on LightScribe, please visit our LightScribe Support page.

The original application must already be installed in the Applications folder of your active system drive. Restart, then run the Updater application to update to version 1.2

Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQ regarding the use of LightScribe drives – Download

LightScribe Host Software v1.4.136.1 for Mac

File download

The LightScribe host software updates your system for new LightScribe disc support and printing quality optimization.
Minimum system requirement: Mac OS 10.3.9.

Important!: Please use this LightScribe Host Software with LaCie LightScribe Labeler 1.2 for Mac exclusively. Don’t use it with previous versions of LaCie LightScribe Labeler for Mac
Note: Users with LaCie DVD LightScribe drives with “IDE-DVD DVDRW8651” drive signature must also update to the latest DVD drive firmware and latest bridge firmware. Please download the following. (This one file will update both the drive firmware and the bridge firmware): LaCie DVD Update Tool 1.3.4


LightScribe Host Software v1.4.136.1

File Download

The LightScribe host software updates your system for new LightScribe disc support. This update is required to print on new LightScribe DVD and CD media version 1.2.

Note: Users with LaCie DVD LightScribe drives with “IDE-DVD DVDRW8651” drive signature must update to the latest DVD drive firmware LT25 and LaCie FireWire bridge firmware 1.02b (Oct 5 2005) for proper operation with latest LightScribe host software versions. Click here to download the DVD drive firmware LT25. Click here download and install LaCie FireWire bridge firmware 1.02b updater.

Minimum system requirement: Windows XP or Windows 2000

LaCie Device Updater 4.0.5 for Windows 2000 or XP

(December 15, 2005) File Download

LaCie Device Updater Install v4.0.5 contains the latest FireWire configuration ROM and firmware updates for LaCie d2 and Design by F.A.Porsche DVD+/-RW Double Layer drives with LightScribe. Latest version resolves communication errors with Roxio Labeler (bundled with Easy Media Creator 7) and SureThing CD/DVD Labeler when burning a graphic image onto a LightScribe media disc. Windows 2000 or XP systems required for proper operation.