Warranty and Return FAQs

This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) applies to products manufactured or distributed by Seagate Technology LLC or its affiliated companies.

>What is Seagate Return Policy?
>What is the Seagate Limited Warranty Statement?
>Does Seagate provide international warranty?
>What does your warranty not cover?
>I have a Seagate (or Seagate-affiliated) product that came in my system. The product has now failed; how do I get it replaced?
>I have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) product or Big RAID Storage device. Why can I not create an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) on the website?
>How can I get local technical assistance to evaluate and fix my failed product if needed?
>Does Seagate have any diagnostic tools to check my product?
>Can you help me retrieve the data from my failed product?
>Do you sell, repair, or provide product components?
>Where do I find my Product Number and Serial Number?
>How do I check my product warranty status and create a return online (Terms & Conditions apply)?
>If my product has failed, but is out of warranty, am I eligible to receive a replacement product?
>Can I get a replacement for my failed product?
>Where can I return my failed product?
>When I process my warranty replacement for my faulty drive, can I pay the difference and upgrade my replacement product?
>What will happen to the data on my product when I return it?
>I received my replacement product, but why did I receive a different brand?
>I have received the replacement product but I still have important data on my product which I returned. Can you return my failed product to me?
>How do I contact support for warranty assistance?
>Where can I find a list of Seagate and LaCie authorized distributors, nearby stores, and sites to purchase products online?
>Why am I not allowed to process my return?
>What should I ship and how should I package my product?
>How can I check the return status of my product?

Rev. July 2016