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This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Wireless Space Setup Troubleshooting

Instructions - Configuring the Wireless Space during setup (Standard) ;


If your Wireless Space is not detecting in the setup program and doesn't appear to be setup, you may have triggered one of 3 possibilities to put the device in a suspended mode. 

  • If the setup program is interrupted or unable to complete for any reason
  • If the device is left on for 30 minutes without an attempt to connect to it with the setup program
  • If the web admin is accessed before setting up with the program. 

If any of these events happen, then the setup program will not be able to detect the drive any more until a hardware reset is performed. The device will be on, with a solid green light in these cases. This represents Switch-Wired mode, the default configuration. 

Follow these steps to reset the device, once this is completed the setup program should work. 

1. Turn the drive on and hold the power button for exactly 5 seconds. 

Important - The light may not illuminate immediately after powering on, so regardless let go at 5 seconds. Once its ready, the light will start to blink. 

2. Press and hold the button again for 5 seconds. When the light turns red, release the button. The device will shut off. 

3. Power the drive on and press and hold the button, continue to hold the button for 20 seconds or longer. The light will be blue at first then go dark. When it comes back as solid read - then release the button. 

4. The light will begin to blink red, immediately press the button. You will have only 5 seconds to do so, if you miss the window then the device will boot normally and you will need to start over. 

5. The light may be dark for up to a minute then the light will flash red-green-blue. This may continue for up to 5 minutes. 

Once completed, the light will return to solid green. You may then run the setup program.