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Why will some files not copy to the LaCinema Classic HD?

The most common reasons are due to hard disk settings and limited space capacity. 1- LaCinema supports FAT32 file system for compatibility between Mac and PC, but this file system has a major limitation in maximum file size supported. With FAT32 (MS-DOS on MAC), files larger than 4GB cannot be copied to the disk. You will have to reformat your disk to a NTFS if you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and in HFS+ Non Journaled (Mac OS extended) if you are using Mac OS 10.4 and above. 2- If your disk is already formatted in NTFS for Windows or HFS on the Mac, the available free capacity might be under the file size you are trying to copy. Check the available space on your hard disk to ensure the file copy. 3- Your disk is formatted in NTFS and you cannot copy files when connected on your Mac. NTFS file system is currently not supported by Mac OS in write mode. You can read and execute file but cannot write to the disk. If you plan to use the disk exclusively on Mac: In order to copy file, you will have to reformat the hard disk in a mac os supported file system: HFS+ Non Journaled (Mac OS Extended). If you plan to use the disk on a Mac or PC: The other solution is to install a driver to support NTFS on Mac. You can use "Tuxera NTFS for mac" available from the following website: or Format the disk in FAT32 file system to allow you disk available on Mac and Windows. There is a major limitation of maximum file size to be taken into consideration before choosing this option.