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Unable to unlock or set up security on LaCie Mobile SSD Secure after updating to macOS 12.4


Fix: Update to the latest version of Toolkit by quitting and restarting Toolkit while connected to the internet.

Issue: The LaCie Mobile SSD Secure drive is experiencing an issue with macOS 12.4 preventing the drive from being unlocked or setting up security. This issue is only seen with macOS 12.4 and not previous versions of macOS.

When trying to unlock the drive with Toolkit, the feature will either be grayed out or a blank screen will be displayed when clicking Seagate Secure on the home screen.

When trying to unlock the drive using the ‘Unlock Drive for Mac’ app on the locked drive the following error message will be displayed: ‘Empty Password

Workaround: To get access to the drive on macOS 12.4 use one of the following two options

  • Option 1 - Take the drive to an older version of macOS and disable security
  • Option 2 - Take the drive to Windows and disable security

See the disabling security section of the Toolkit user manual.