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Toolkit states that my SID is incorrect


When setting up Seagate Secure there may be times when Toolkit states that the SID is incorrect. This article covers how to troubleshoot the issue.

Try the following if Toolkit is saying that the SID is incorrect:

  • If Security was previously enabled, then disabled, the old password will need to be used instead of the SID. Intentionally enter the SID incorrectly until a text box is displayed on the SID page. Enter the previously used password in the text box instead of the SID.
  • Confirm that the insert matches the SID on the drive. Some drives will have the SID printed on the label, and others store the SID in a QR code. Scan the QR code, and make sure that the insert matches what is on the drive. If different, use the SID from the QR code.
  • If Security had not been previously enabled, and the insert matches the QR code, then try factory resetting the drive.

IMPORTANT: Prior to factory resetting the external drive, make sure that there is no important data on the external drive. Under most circumstances the data on the external drive will be erased and will not be recoverable. Don’t proceed with factory resetting if the data on the external drive can’t be backed up first. Depending on the state of security the data may not be erased, but you should still back up the data before factory resetting the drive. Factory reset will reset the SID regardless of the security state. 

To factory reset the drive:

  • Launch Toolkit
  • On the home screen, click Seagate Secure
  • On the Secure screen, click Cancel
  • Click Factory Reset
  • Click Reset
  • Enter the PSID
  • Click Next

After the reset is complete, try to enable security using the SID.