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Toolkit reports Unable To Create a Backup Plan on Windows


Because Toolkit only allows one Backup plan per computer per drive, there may be instances where Toolkit states: “Unable to create a Backup plan. Delete a plan from another user on a connected drive.” 



Some Windows machines may have multiple user accounts, and if you have created a Toolkit backup on one user's account then you will not be able to create a backup with Toolkit on any other user. Situations such as these will result in the above message. If backing up a second user on your Windows machine is needed, please try the options below to resolve the issue.

Options for backing up a secondary user:

  • Give the primary user full access to the secondary user's data.
    • This can be accomplished by logging into the primary user and trying to access the secondary user through Explorer. There will be a prompt stating you don’t have permission; click Continue to permanently get access to the folder. Run the backup again and the secondary user's data should now be backed up.
  • If that is not an option, consider using Windows backup for the secondary user on the computer.

If you are not trying to back up a secondary user but are still seeing this message, try renaming the Toolkit folder on the external drive to Toolkit_Old. This should allow Toolkit to create a new backup. To prevent the drive from filling up, consider deleting the old Toolkit folder once you confirm you no longer need the data stored within the old backup.