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This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Supported USB disk formats on 2Big Network

Supported USB disk formats on 2Big Network.

The 2big can support a variety of formats in a variety of situations.

Glossary for the following:

XFS - File System available in Linux operating systems
FAT32 - File System in Windows Operating Systems
NTFS - File System available in Windows NT Operating Systems and newer
HFS(+) - File System available in OS9 and OSX
GUID - Partition Scheme available with Windows Vista and OS 10.5.x
MBR - Master Boot Record - Partition scheme available on Windows Operating Systems and OS 10.3 and above.
APT - Apple Partition Table - Partition scheme available in OS9 and OSX
CSJ - Case Sensitive Journaling - Option available with HFS+ format.

Full read and write access. This is also the same format as the unit itself and the only format available through the web admin.

Full read and write access.

Read access only

HFS+ with GUID:
Will mount but fail to be accessible with SMB or CIFS connections.

HFS with OS9 Drivers:
Partitions with OS9 disk drivers will mount but fail to be accessible. All volumes with HFS will mount on the web admin share list but you will not be able to access the share with SMB or CIFS. Explorer may also crash when you try to access the share.

Does not respond to the 2big at all.

HFS+ journaled+MBR or APT:
Read only access

Read only access.