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SAFE Drive will not unlock

SAFE Drive will not unlock.

There are a variety of potential causes of difficulty when unlocking a SAFE drive. If the drive has worked in the past, and does not now, try the troubleshooting below to solve the problem:

  • Ensure the drive is facing the right way. The sensor only works in one direction. If a registered finger is passed the wrong direction, the drive will not unlock.
  • Make sure the finger is positioned properly. It should be flat, and resting entirely on the sensor surface. It must touch the metal plate around the sensor itself.
  • Try using a different finger.
  • Clean the sensor with a dry tissue or cloth. Any foreign objects on the sensor will interfere with the process.
  • Make sure the finger used is not excessively dry. Likewise, Make sure the finger used is not excessively moist.

If none of the above solve the problem, unplug the drive from the computer, and reconnect it after a few seconds.