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Reset Network v.2

Manual Excerpt for resetting d2, 2big and 5big Network v.2

If for any reason you wish to reset your Network version 2 device to its out-of-the-box state, follow this procedure:

1. Make sure to switch the Power Button to OFF.

2. Press and hold the blue front button.

3. While continuing to hold down the blue front button, switch the power button to ON. The front blue button will blink blue and red.

4. Continue to hold down the blue front button until the blue button is solid red. Release the blue front button. It will blink blue.

5. When the blinking stops, push (but don’t hold the front blue button.

The drive will reboot; once it is started all of the data will be moved to a folder called Recovery located in "Share" and by default will only be available to the administrator account. 

This will erase all of the Dashboard data such as users, groups, shares and settings.