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RAID Initialization may take an Extended Period of Time to Complete

Depending on the RAID level selected and size of hard drives, a RAID configuration can take from 24-40 hours to complete. When setting up a RAID level the green System Status LED should turn solid amber indicating the RAID is not configured and then turns solid green indicating RAID initialization is complete. In some cases, the RAID will be properly initialized but the System Status LED will blink green instead of turning solid green. If you believe that sufficient time has passed and the System Status LED is still blinking green rather than turning a solid green, check the status of the RAID configuration by logging into the storage system. Select the 'Disks' page and check the disk configuration. If it indicates the RAID configuration is normal RAID is initialized), reboot the system. On reboot, the System Status LED should blink green while booting and then go solid green, indicating normal operation.