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Physical Troubleshooting for 730 Display

Physical Troubleshooting for 730 Display


Most display problems rarely indicate a physical failure in the monitor itself. There are several troubleshooting options available to potentially solve the problem. Try the following steps to see if any improve the situation:

- The 730 display requires a special “Dual Link” DVI cable.  This will be printed on the cable it had originally shipped with.  Please doublecheck and ensure this specific cable is being utilized.


- Re-seat the monitor cable. The cable must be firmly connected to display an image.

- Make sure the hard power switch (called the Vacation Switch) is set to ON.

- Unplug the cable, and ensure there aren't any small pins missing. Check both ends of the cable.

 If problems persist, please follow through with the next troubleshooting recommendations:

- Try a different monitor cable, and power cord.  If possible do not use any adapter connections, or at least change out the adapter being used to a different one to be thorough.

- Try a different computer altogether.

- Move the monitor to another location, in the room or in the building.

 If the monitor works on a separate computer altogether, please contact the manufacturer of the computer which is experiencing trouble, for assistance.