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NAS - Physical Troubleshooting Checklist

A list to help you troubleshoot any possible physical issues with a NAS device.

If the LEDs on the NAS device are indicating a hardware issue, or the dashboard / shares are non-responsive, use the following physical checklist: 

  • Ensure that the device is firmly connected to its power supply and that the power supply is firmly connected to the wall. A surprising number of issues are caused by a loose or disconnected power connection. It can be beneficial to try other outlets, and/or test other devices are working properly on the same outlet. 
  • Verify that the computer, NAS and Router/Modem are all properly powered on and connected to one another.
  • Replace the Ethernet cables between your computer and the router, and your NAS and the router.  
  • Ensure that your computer has access to other computers or NAS devices, or the internet. Reboot it and power cycle the NAS and Modem/Router if necessary 
  • Listen to the power supply for any unusual hissing or buzzing noises, these sounds are not normal and can indicate a failed power supply. 
  • If the device is making any grinding or clicking sounds, check the back LEDs for indication of a failed drive.



If issues persist, please contact LaCie technical support.