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NAS OS 4.x - Basic Share Access in Windows

Instructions on how to use Windows options to access shares on the Seagate NAS.

Option 1: Windows Explorer (Windows 7) or File Explorer (Windows 8).

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer (pre W8) or File Explorer (W8).
Step 2. In the Explorer window address field, type either the NAS Hostname or IP Address and then press Enter.

Example 1:  Type in  \\seagate-d2  then press Enter.

Example 2:  Type in  \\  then press Enter.

Step 3. A window will open listing shares on the NAS.  
Step 4. Opening a private share will prompt for a username and password. After entering the correct information the share will open.

NOTE: Public shares can be opened without authentication.  

Option 2. Run command access.  

An easy way to open the RUN window (also called Run Command) in any flavor of Windows is by pressing Windows Key  + R key (Press and hold the keyboard key which has a tiny Windows logo and then press letter R). 

Step 1. Press and hold Windows key + R key.
Step 2. Type in:  \\NAS IP or \\NAS Host Name (see the examples above).

Mapping a Drive Letter to a Share Folder on the NAS

  1. When shares on the NAS are shown after using one of the above methods, right-click a share and choose ‘Map Network Drive’.  
  2. Select a Drive letter from the drop-down.
  3. Choose to ‘Reconnect at sign-in’. When Windows boots the share folder and its drive letter will be available in Computer.
  4. Click on Finish.  

The share’s drive letter is now available in (My) Computer.

In this example, the following screenshot shows that the NAS was accessed by Hostname and a Public share was used.

Note: To have the right-click option to ‘Map Network Drive’ with a private share, you must first authenticate with a Username and Password.