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NAS OS 2 - Notable changes

Listed here are a few changes on NAS OS 2 devices compared to the previous Network Device Operating System.

Applicable devices:

  • 2big Network 2
  • 5big Network 2
  • d2 Network 2
  • Network Space 2
  • Network Space MAX
  • Cloudbox (Limited functionality)

With NAS 2.0, we have made some significant changes to our Web Admin interface and functionality. 

Backup - Now includes Full & Incremental backup options and allows automatic ejection for external disks. It will now also perform the backup automatically whenever the designated drive is connected. These options can be configured in the Backup Engine's settings: 


Connection Protocols - With NAS 2.0, we include SFTP and NFS transfer protocols. Please see your product manual for assistance and information. 


Automatic RAID mode - This is a new feature for LaCie NAS drives. Automatic RAID mode will determine the most secure RAID mode for the amount of disks present and maintain it without user input. 

UPnP - its name has changed to "Automatic Port Forward" and is still present in the Network settings. 


ECO Mode - Save power by scheduling when the device will automatically power on and off, and enable or disable the front LED.