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NAS - Issues and errors while updating the firmware

How to troubleshoot a device that has become unresponsive while updating, or doesn't seem to have updated properly.
Use this checklist as a guide. If issues persist, please contact LaCie technical support.
  • Be sure to follow the update procedure for your specific device. many LaCie NAS devices have unique upgrade procedures and even though two NAS devices might have similar names, they may have different processes. 
  • If you were updating the firmware and the dashboard appears frozen or has an excessively long load time, give it a few more minutes; especially for older devices. The older the firmware the longer it can take to be updated. You shouldn't have to wait longer than an hour for the firmware on any device. 
  • If it has been longer than an hour and there is no determinable progress, or the browser isn't responding, try power cycling the NAS device (remove the power adapter for 10 seconds). 
  • If the device boots normally, simply try updating the firmware again. If it does not boot normally or doesn't boot at all, you will need to perform a hard reset. NOTE: Some models erase the data stored on the device during a hard reset.
  • If the firmware successfully updated, but the dashboard does not reflect a new version number, try another browser or clear the cache and cookies from the current browser. The NAS OS Dashboard is a cookie driven app that doesn't always refresh after a firmware (It might still be incorrectly displaying the old version number).