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My NAS does not detect an external disk

 My NAS does not detect an external disk

LaCie NAS devices that include a USB or eSATA port for external disks have specific requirements for the external disk. 


Ensure that your external disk meets all of these requirements: 


  • The external disk is formatted in MBR (not GUID) style with NTFS, FAT32 or HFS+. Consult your product's manual for specific file systems that are supported. Older models may not include one type of support or another. 
  • The external disk is not larger than 2TB in total capacity. 
  • Some models of external drives have an interface board that may not be recognized by some NAS oses. For example, not all "Quadra" type boards (from any manufacturer) will be detected. USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt cross-over boards may not respond. 
  • The external drive does not already include an OS or system volumes. 
  • The external drive is not partitioned into multiple volumes (some NAS models are unable to detect multiple volumes) 

If the above items are all met and the disk is still not visible to the NAS, you may need to configure it via the dashboard or conduct some physical troubleshooting on your devices.