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Manager / Changing the Backup Schedule

When you protect a disk, you specify when you want backups to occur. However, you can change this schedule at any time as long as the Status page indicates that the Status is Normal. If protection is stopped (for example, if you recovered the disk or recovered a different partition on the same disk), you cannot change the disk schedule until you resume protection by clicking Back Up Now.
    To change the backup schedule:
      1. Click Schedule.
      2. In the Protected disk list, select the disk whose backup schedule you want to change.
      3. Specify when you want backups to occur.
      For example, if you want backups to occur every day, select Daily from the Recurrence list. If you want backups to occur once a week, select the day of the week from the Recurrence list. Then select the time. If you don’t want backups to occur automatically, select Not Scheduled from the Recurrence list. (The Time list appears dimmed.) Backups will occur only when you start one manually.
      • Click Apply.
      The schedule change takes effect immediately, and the date and time of the next scheduled backup appears in the Next backup area.