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LaCie Network Assistant - How to mount and connect to Shares

Information on how to manually connect to shares and mount them, using the Lacie Network Assistant.

LaCie Network Assistant offers convenient access and information regarding all your LaCie network attached storage (NAS). Please see the Quick Install Guide and User Manual for instructions on installing LaCie Network Assistant.

Once LaCie Network Assistant is installed, launch the program:


Windows: Start > Programs > LaCie Network Assistant

Mac: Go > Applications > LaCie Network Assistant


LaCie Network Assistant offers two options to mount your user folder:


1. Connect Manually:


Click on the LaCie Network Assistant icon.


Windows: The icon is in the System Tray. 

LNA windows system tray


Mac: The icon is on the upper right of the Menu bar.

LNA Icon Mac


Select CloudBox > Connect Manually...

LNA Connect Manually Windows


When prompted, enter the login and password for your user folder.

Drag and drop or copy and paste files to your user folder.


2. Authentication

From the LaCie Network Assistant menu, select Configuration Window...

Config Window


Click the Volumes tab to select Authentication...

LNA Volumes


Select Registered User to enter your user folder login and password.

LNA Registered user


Drag and drop or copy and paste files to your user folder.