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LaCie Fuel - Dropbox Sync

How to sync your dropbox with the Lacie Fuel

The LaCie Fuel has the capability to sync all, or some, of your folders that are on Dropbox.  

To enable this feature your LaCie Fuel must be connected to the internet.  

Once connected to the internet follow the below steps to connect the LaCie Fuel to a Dropbox account:

1. Open the LaCie Media application on your mobile device.
2. Tap Settings found in the Ellipsis drop down menu.

Photo 1.jpg

3. From Settings tap on “Cloud Storage”.

Photo 2.jpg

4. Tap on Dropbox from the cloud options.

Photo 3.jpg

5. You will need to sign in to your Dropbox account. (If you don’t have Dropbox account you can create one)
Photo 4.jpg

6. Provide your Dropbox credentials.  This is authenticated by Dropbox directly.
7. Allow the LaCie Media application to access your Dropbox account.

Photo 5.jpg

8. You will be taken back to the LaCie Media application and your folders will synchronize.

You can turn synchronization off or on for individual folders as desired.

To disconnect Dropbox from the LaCie Fuel you can select Log Out.