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How to Properly Shutdown the 12big Fibre

How to Properly Shutdown the 12big Fibre

If you fail to shut down the 12big Fibre properly the array will enter into an error state as if it detected a non-intended power loss.  The battery will start to protect the on board cache and the next time you start your array you will have errors and alarms. 

To properly shut down your 12big Fibre you will need to stop any communications from all host systems to the 12big Fibre.  Any files remaining open when a controller is shut down may result in data loss.

First you need to log into the StorView administration web page.

Open your web browser (FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Safari).

  1. In the location bar type http://ipaddress:9292.  The IP address entered should be of Controller 0 if in a 2 controller model.
  2. Type in your username and password to access StorView.

Once connected to StorView select Controllers as indicated below:

Main Screen with Controllers Circled

If you have two controllers in your 12big Fibre there will be an additional step.  Please select the appropriate configuration below: