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How do you get new firmware, and how do you install it?

The LaCie LaCinema Classic allows you to update its firmware by loading downloaded firmware updates in the Update folder. To update the firmware:
    1. Go to and click on the Downloads link.
    2. Select the most recent LaCinema Classic firmware download. Connect your LaCinema Classic to your computer. Drag the firmware file you just downloaded into the Update folder on the LaCinema Classic. Disconnect the LaCinema Classic from your computer and connect it to your TV.
    3. Go to Browser view from the main menu.
    4. Select the Update folder and press the Play button to open it.
    5. Select update.bin file and press the Play button. The firmware update will begin after you confirmed the action. The update process will take approximately 2 minutes.
    6. When the firmware update is completed, the product will 6. restart automatically and show the main menu.
CAUTION: Never turn off the LaCie LaCinema Classic during the Firmware Update process! Doing so may damage your device. If, for any reason, the procedure fails (e.g. a power failure occurs during the update), you may not be able to use your LaCie LaCinema Classic. Please contact your reseller or LaCie Customer Support for more information.