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How do I use LightScribe to label a disc?

To burn a LightScribe label, simply follow your software’s onscreen instructions. If you’re using Easy Media Creator 7, the application will ask if you want to burn a label. Then it will gather content to pre-populate a suggested label design and present the design onscreen. You have the option of selecting that label or making changes. If you’re using SureThing CD/DVD Labeler (Windows XP, 2000) or LaCie LightScribe Labeler (Mac OS X) disc labeling software, simply launch the software and design the label onscreen by typing in the title information and choosing or importing graphics. Once you’re finished with the design, simply remove the disc from the burner, flip it over, and reinsert it label-side down. Then click “Print” to send the image to the drive. After the label is burned, the disc is ejected and your LightScribe CD or DVD is complete.