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How do I manually configure my IP address on the Ethernet Disk mini?

If your network is NOT managed by a DHCP server, the Ethernet Disk mini uses its default IP address which is Via USB: You can use the « EDminiLogOn » tool (available from the Ethernet Disk mini when connected via USB) in order to change this default IP address. Via the network: Go to the web page administration by entering http://edmini in your web browser from Windows or by entering the IP address for a Mac computer and click on administration. Log on as Admin and use Admin for the password. Click on the Network tab and then click the blue button. Check Configure manually to enter a new IP address. The LaCie IP configurator is a software which enables you to map the LaCie shared drives over the network. It’s available on the LaCie driver website. You can download it to a computer connected to the same network as the Ethernet Disk. This network configurator enables you to monitor the IP address (subnet mask...) that has been assigned to the Ethernet Disk and also the name ED mini for instance. It also enables you to differentiate the LaCie Ethernet Disk connected on the network.