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HFS+ and SMB fix for the LaCinema Classic HD

HFS+ and SMB fix for the LaCinema Classic HD

Mac OS 10.6 automatically sets permissions when a drive is formatted HFS+ (non journaled) that may make writing to the drive over SMB not function properly.  To fix this the permissions must be changed on the drive.


1.  Connect the drive via USB to your Mac OS 10.6 computer.


2.  Select the drive on the desktop and press Command+I.


3.  Click on the Sharing & Permissions tab to expand it if needed.


Permissions tab


4.  Select Everyone and change the permissions from Read Only to Read & Write.



Set permissions for everyone


5.  Once complete permissions should appear as below:


Completed permissions


6.  Disconnect the drive from USB and connect via SMB.  The drive should now have read and write permissions on SMB.