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Format the LaCie Fuel exFAT on Windows 8

A guide on how to format a LaCie Fuel Drive as exFAT on Windows 8

To format an external drive exFAT on Windows 8 please follow the below directions.  Please note that internal drives are not able to be formatted exFAT on Windows 8 at this time.


Warning: Following the below directions will erase all information off your hard drive.  Make sure you have a backup of all critical information before proceeding.


  1. Connect the external drive and power it on.
  2. From the Windows 8 main screen type "computer".  This will start a search.

  3. Right click Computer and select Manage at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Computer Management will open.  Select Disk Management on the left.

  5. One Disk Management opens you will see an upper and a lower pane on the right.  Right click the disk you want to format in the lower pane.  Select Format.

  6. Choose exFAT and check the Quick Format box.  Then select OK.

Your drive is now formatted in exFAT.