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This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Ethernet Disk Mini - Accessing the Shared Storage - Mac

    Note: If you have just turned on the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini, it may take a few moments for the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini to appear on the network.

    Mac OS X

    1. Run the Network IP Configurator Wizard.
    2. The Wizard will search for connected Ethernet Disk mini(s) on your network. Found Ethernet Disk minis will be represented by an IP address.
    3. Write down this IP address (for example,
    4. From the Finder, click Go and select Connect to Server...
    5. In the Server Address field, type your Ethernet Disk mini’s IP address and click Connect.
      • For SMB access, type Apple-K, and in the address field, type smb://edmini. (it is also possible to type smb://[IP address] or smb://[ED Mini name])..
      • For FTP access, type Apple-K, and in the address field, type ftp://edmini or ftp://[IP Address].
      • For AFP access, type Apple-K, and in the address field, type afp://edmini or afp://[IP Address].
    6. In the logon window that opens, type:
      User Name: admin Password: admin (This user name and password is the factory default; if you have already created a user, input your user name and password.)

      Mac OS 9.x

      • In the Select Volumes to Mount window, select SHARE and click OK. The network drive will mount on your desktop and can be accessed for file transfer.

        From the Apple menu, select Network Browser, Chooser or Connect to Server. In Chooser, click the Appleshare icon. Your server should appear in the list with the default name “EDmini”. Select it and press OK.