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This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

d2 Network and Big Disk Network reset procedure.

d2 Network and Big Disk Network reset procedure.

Please follow the procedure below to reset your d2 network or Big Disk network. No data will be lost during this procedure, though it may be made temporarily unavailable

  1. Begin by switching OFF the product.
    NOTE: Once the unit is OFF, the power switch must be in the OFF position.
  • Press the button on the front of the unit, and KEEP IT PRESSED. Move the power switch to the ON position with your other hand.
    NOTE: The light on the front will begin blinking between blue and red.
  • Once the light on the front is STABLE RED, RELEASE the button.
    NOTE:The light will begin blinking blue when the button is released.

The Administrator password is reset to "admin"

Shares are renamed with the beginning "Recovered_". For example, a share named "Music" will now be named "Recovered_Music"

All other configurations are lost and are set back to factory default settings.

  • When the light stops blinking and is STABLE BLUE, PRESS the button for the last time. The product will reboot automatically, and be reset to factory settings when it is on again.