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Changing the USB disk capacity

Changing the USB disk capacity

After initial setup it may be necessary to alter the size of the direct attach USB capacity to a larger or smaller value.  Before altering the disk size all data should be backed up from both the network shares and the USB partition of the drive.  Resizing the USB portion will result in data loss otherwise.


Connect to the Web Administration of the Network Space 2 through the LaCie Network Assistant.

Authentication Screen

After authentication select Drive Information:


Drive Information

To change the USB disk capacity selec the capacity box which will activate the slider:


Select Capacity

Adjust the capacity to the desired size and select Apply:




A warning will appear that data may be lost.  Verify all data is backed up before confirming.




The capactiy will be updated immediately on screen, however, it will not be usable until processing is complete.  Wait for the refresh symbol to disappear before attempting any further actions.


Refresh active

Put all data backed up back on the drive and the resizing is complete.  The USB drive will need to be reformatted to function properly.