Rescue Data Recovery Plans

Secure your precious data against potential data loss issues.


What does the Seagate Rescue Plan Cover?
The Seagate Rescue Plan provides the Data Recovery Service ("DRS") feature for hard drive failure, viruses, software issues, and other problems that can cause data loss.

Please refer to the specific terms and conditions for details and exclusions for your coverage options.
What is the coverage period of my service plan?
Coverage under these service plans begins on the purchase date of the service plan. The expiration date is determined by adding the number of months of the term selected to the date purchased.
For example, if you selected a 2 year plan term:

Purchase Date of Service Plan: 2/12/2014
Plan Term: 24 Months
Effective Date of Plan: 2/12/2014
Expiration Date of Plan: 2/11/2016.
*Any repairs covered under the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty will NOT be covered under the service plan.

If you purchased a drive that includes the Rescue service plan, click here for more details.
Who should I contact if I need service or need to file a claim?
Once you sign up, you will receive a copy of the Service Plan terms and conditions, which will include instructions on making a claim. In the US, you may call the Seagate Service Plan administrator at 1-800-261-9859. (For outside US please click here for local contact numbers.) Our recovery specialists will walk you through the appropriate steps to file a claim.
Can I cancel a Seagate Rescue Plan at anytime?
Yes. If you cancel within 30 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price, less any claims processed. After 30 days, the refund amount will be prorated and reduced by any repair costs, and a 10% administrative fee will be applied (unless otherwise excluded by state law). Refer to the terms and conditions for details.
What happens if I sell or trade in my product?
Your Seagate Service Plan is transferable once during its lifetime. See the terms and conditions for transfer instructions.
Can I transfer my plan from one unit to another?
This plan cannot be transferred to different units. Your service plan is tied to the original drive that you used to register the plan.
How do I check the status of my claim?
When you make a claim, you will be assigned a dedicated recovery specialist/case manager who can answer your questions. You will also have access to 24/7 online case status tracking at

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For businesses, data loss is even more costly. A data or security breach will cost around US$5 million per incident. Having a contingency plan could not only save you money, it could save your business.

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