In-Lab Recovery Service

Let Seagate experts recover your data.

In-Lab Recovery is right for you if:
  • Your storage device media is physically damaged
  • Your data is on a mobile device
  • You’re not comfortable using step-by-step software
  • Recovering your data is vital—you need experts

How does it work?

If we can’t retrieve it, you don’t pay.

Get your files back in 4 easy steps.


Submit a case online or on the phone


Mail device using prepaid shipping label


Monitor progress


Get your files back

Why your data is in good hands with us.

Storage industry leader

Flat-rate pricing, no haggling!

Around the clock access to case status tracking

Get files back from the cloud

Get files back on an external drive

Pay only with successful recovery


How does In-lab Data Recovery pricing work?
How do I submit a data recovery request for a multi-drive system?
What is the media category for a Network Attached System (NAS) on the submission form?
If I lost data on one of the RAID drives, why do I have to send in all of the RAID drives for recovery?