LaCie Rugged SSD  User Manual
LaCie Rugged SSD  User Manual

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Getting Started

Connect the USB cable

Confirm the type of USB port on your computer, then choose the appropriate cable to connect your device.


Use the USB-C to USB-C cable if your computer has a USB-C port.


Use the USB-C to USB-A cable if your computer does not have a USB-C port.

Set up LaCie Rugged SSD

The setup process lets you:

Register your LaCie Rugged SSD Get the most from your drive with easy access to information and support.
Install Toolkit Manage mirror folders, backup plans (Windows only), and more.
  Your computer must be connected to the internet to register your device and install Toolkit.

Start here

Using a file manager such as Finder or File Explorer, open LaCie Rugged SSD and launch Start Here Mac or Start Here Win.

Register your device

Enter your information and click Register.

Download Toolkit

Click the Download button.

Install Toolkit

Using a file manager such as Finder or File Explorer, go to the folder where you receive downloads.

Open the file. Click on the LaCie Toolkit Installer to launch the application.
Click on the LaCieToolkit.exe file to launch the application.
 Your computer must be connected to the internet to install and run Toolkit.
 Toolkit is required in order to enable security for LaCie Rugged SECURE. Be sure to install Toolkit in order to password-protect your device using Seagate Secure 256-bit encryption.

Toolkit lets you enter your password whenever you want to lock or unlock the drive, and provides other useful tools such as:

    • Changing your password
    • Managing backup plans.
    • Creating mirror folders.
    • Enabling/disabling security.
    • Resetting your device to factory settings
    • Optimize disk format for performance when used with a specific operating system.

For details on Toolkit features, see the LaCie Toolkit user manual.

Storage format

LaCie Rugged SSD is preformatted exFAT for compatibility with both Windows and Mac computers. If you use the drive with only one type of computer, you can optimize file copy performance by formatting the drive in the native file system for your operating system. Choose one of the following methods to optimize your drive:

Disconnecting the device

In order to avoid file system corruption, it’s important to unmount LaCie Rugged SSD’s volumes before disconnecting the interface cable. See Safely Remove LaCie Rugged SSD From Your Computer for details.