LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive User Manual 
LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive User Manual 

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Unmounting Your Drive

USB external devices feature “plug & play” connectivity, which means that your LaCie storage can be connected and disconnected while the computer is running. However, to prevent failures it is important to follow the steps below when disconnecting your device.


Drag the storage device icon to the Trash. When the icon disappears from the desktop, the storage device can be disconnected.

The icon pictured below is a generic USB device icon. A photorealistic icon that looks like the device may represent your LaCie storage.


From the system tray on the lower right, click the plug icon. It has a white check mark inside a green circle.

A message appears detailing the devices that can be safely unmounted.

Select Eject for the device you want to unmount. A message appears notifying you that it is safe to remove the drive.