LaCie d2 Professional User Manual
LaCie d2 Professional User Manual

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LaCie d2 Professional is ideal for professional editors, photographers and graphic artists who work with bandwidth-intensive content such as 4K video and 3D graphics.

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Box content

  • LaCie d2 Professional
  • USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2) cable
  • External power supply
  • Quick Install Guide
  Important—Save your packaging. If you experience problems with your hard drive and want to exchange it, the hard drive must be returned in its original packaging.

Minimum system requirements


Use the included cable to connect your LaCie device to a computer with a USB-C port.

Operating system

Go to Operating System Requirements for Seagate Hardware & Software.

Minimum free disk space

600MB recommended.




  1. Multi-function status LED / power button
  2. Vibration-dampening rubber feet
  3. USB 3.1 Gen 2 port
  4. Power supply connection
  5. Kensington® lock slot

Technical specifications

Enclosure dimensions

SideDimensions (mm / in)
Width 60 / 2.36
Height 30 / 5.12
Length 195 / 7.68


CapacityWeight (kg / lbs)
4TB 1.3 / 2.87
6TB 1.3 / 2.87
10TB 1.3 / 2.87


Power supply
50-60 Hz
Power supply barrel dimensions (mm)
Inner diameter 2.5
Outer diameter 5.5
Length 11.5
 Use only the power supply provided with your LaCie d2 Professional. Power supplies from third-party devices and other LaCie products can damage your d2 Professional.

Position and stacking

Always make certain to place your LaCie d2 Professional on a flat, even surface that can support the heat output and airflow of a professional hard drive enclosure. For proper heat dissipation, d2 Professional is designed to stand upright. Do not place the enclosure on its side when it is powered on.

The device does not support stacking. Do not stack other drives, enclosures, or equipment on top of the enclosure.

The warranty for your d2 Professional will be voided if you:

  • Stack d2 Professional on another device.
  • Stack other drives, enclosures, or equipment on top of d2 Professional.