Getting Started with your Cloudbox

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You can use your mobile phone to show pictures of your new puppy to coworkers, and your teenager can relax in bed while streaming a movie on her tablet – all directly from the CloudBox.


LaCie CloudBox mobile access is compatible with iOS® and Android® devices:

AT HOME: Playback and stream media in your home using Twonky Mobile app.

  1. Download the free Twonky Mobile or Skifta app onto your mobile. Your mobile device must be connected to your home Wi-Fi.
  2. Launch Twonky Mobile or Skifta on your mobile device then tap on the icon on the upper left to select the LaCie CloudBox as your library.

  3. Select the type of media you want (music, video, or photos) then choose the file to playback.
  4. You can send the media file to a compatible UPnP/DLNA device such as your game console (Xbox, PS3), set-top box, or TV. Click on the phone icon on the lower left corner to choose a device. (Twonky only)

  • Twonky Mobile works by default since your LaCie CloudBox is embedded with a Twonky UPnP/DLNA Server.
  • Third-party apps are available to stream large media files and multiple formats. Example setups:
    • AcePlayer: Choose Media Explorer > Media Server > CloudBox
    • ML Player, GoodPlayer setup: Select CloudBox then enter the administrator login and password if prompted.
    • OPlayer setup: Click the + sign then enter your CloudBox IP address. Enter your administrator login and password if prompted. The CloudBox IP address can be found on the Dashboard Network page (e.g.

ON-THE-GO: Access files anywhere in the world using the LaCie MyNAS app.

WORLD STREAM: Stream media anywhere in the world using third-party apps.

Mobile apps compatible with the LaCie CloudBox

LaCie MyNASRemoteFreeAccess all your files; play music; download photos and videos; iOS only
Twonky MobileHomeFreeFast streaming from the CloudBox; Remote control between the CloudBox and your TV; MP4 only
AcePlayer, GoodPlayer, OPlayer lite, SkiftaHomePaid/FreeFast streaming from the CloudBox; large video files
Emit, Plex, Air VideoHome and RemotePaid/FreeStream and download media files on your CloudBox; iTunes access; iPhoto access (Plex only); Additional server software required for your PC/Mac (download server software at respective web sites); PC/Mac must be powered on
(LaCie cannot guarantee the performance of third-party apps.)
* Except where noted, all apps are available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play.


  • LaCie MyNAS and Twonky Mobile can access media when your computer is off.
  • Wi-Fi or 3G required when using the apps listed here.
  • Optimize mobile performance when playing video from your home CloudBox:
    LocationTransfer Speed SettingVideo Quality Setting
    Home Wi-FiFastHigh Definition
    External Wi-FiMediumMedium Definition
    Office Wi-Fi (Firewall)No accessNo access
    3G or lowerSlowLow definition