LaCie Software Compatibility with Mac® OS X Lion

LaCie software and utilities are optimized for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). For questions of compatibility and updates, please see the list below.


LaCie Desktop Manager
LaCie Intego
LaCie Private-Public
LaCie Safe Manager
LaCie Shortcut Button
Roxio® software for LaCie optical drives


d2 Network 2
2big Network 2
5big Network 2
5big Backup Server
5big Storage Server
12big Rack Network Server
Network Space 2
Network Space MAX
Wireless Space

LaCie Setup Assistant

Symptom: An error might appear when attempting to start the program.

Cause: Versions that date up to the first half of 2011 are not compatible with Mac OS X Lion.
Solution: Please use Disk Utility to format your LaCie hard drive. Unfortunately, formatting with Disk Utility will delete the product's documentation. To download the the User Manual and software utilities for your product, visit

Before formatting your LaCie drive with Mac Disk Utility, please make certain that it is connected to and mounted on the computer:

  1. Select Utilities from the Go menu in the Finder menu bar.
  2. In the Utilities folder, double-click Disk Utility.
    Disk Utility will display the message Select a disk, volume, or image. All connected storage devices, partitions, or disk images will be displayed in this column. Storage devices in this column may have multiple listings. The top name is the name of the physical device's manufacturer, and includes the formatted capacity.
  3. Select the storage device in the left-hand column.
  4. Click the Erase tab.
  5. Choose a format from the drop-down window. See About File System Formats for more information on choosing a file format.
  6. Give the volume a name.
  7. Click Erase… and confirm your selection in the popup window.
  8. To download your product's documentation and software utilities, please go to

Note: To take advantage of your free Wuala Secure Online Storage, please go to

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