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2Big Network Update
Posted: November 10, 2010
To make the update, your product must be synchronized with date and hour of the computer. If it does not, the patch won't be accepted.

Important Note : After applying Patch, you have to reboot twice.
A first reboot is asked by Web interface, but you have to manually reboot a second time.
Minimum requirement before update to 2.2.8: System 2.2.6

IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTE: Each of the updates listed below are specific to certain bug fixes and do not include the fixes from previous updates. For example, version 2.2.8 does not include the fixes for 2.0.5/2.0.6 or any of the updates in between. Therefore, it is critical that the updates are run in their proper numerical order. If you do not know the version of your LaCie 2Big Network device, please read the instructions in the file How to Update product

Update to system 2.2.6
Minimum requirement before update: System 2.2.0, 2.2.3 or 2.2.4
- Apply patch first: Patch Backend (Downloads)  [980 KB]
- Then apply update: Patch 2.2.6 (Downloads) [36.4 MB]

Update to system 2.2.3
Minimum requirement before update:System 2.0.7
- Follow process: Capsule 2.2.3 (link)

Update to system 2.0.7
Minimum requirement before update:System 2.0.5 or 2.0.6
- Apply patch first: Patch 1.0.0 (Downloads)  [383 KB]
- Then apply system update: Patch 2.0.7 (Downloads)  [16.90 MB]

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