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LaCie SAFE Mobile Encryption
Posted: June 17, 2008
Before installing this new application and resetting your SAFE drive, please make a copy of your data on another drive or medium, as your data will be erased.

Get the latest security fixes on 3DES:

1. Back up your data onto another drive.
2. Download and install this application on your machine.
3. From the application in the Advanced tab, select 'Reset the SAFE'.
4. Enter a new password phrase and select 3DES as new encryption mode.
Your SAFE drive with encryption will be reset; your data will be erased.
5. Copy your data back onto your SAFE drive.

This application software enables administration of the LaCie SAFE Mobile HD with encryption by registering personal encryption keys and authorized users.

Last updates:
- Fixed issue that prevented registering ten fingers for a user with long name.
- Corrected Spanish localization error.

For more details, please refer to the User Manual.

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